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"Jay Winuk is a true national treasure and hero. He channeled the tragedy of 9/11 into inspiring millions of people to do good deeds and reach out to one another in common purpose for the greater good.  Jay is an extraordinary colleague, role model, presenter and dear friend.  It is a pleasure to hear him share his views, story and knowledge -- we are blessed to have him as a vitally important leader in the service movement."


Alan Khazei

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Be The Change

Co-Founder, City Year

“Jay, ENORMOUS thanks to you for investing so much of yourself and your time in our ServiceWorks AmeriCorps VISTAs. Having you come out to the summit at Citi Foundation on Friday was such a valuable experience for the 75+ VISTA members who attended, as well as for all of us at Points of Light.  Many of these volunteers cited our Friday afternoon of conversation and training at Citi as their favorite part of the weekend.  Our VISTA volunteers were so moved by your inspirational story and candor.  It was awesome for them to meet such incredible service leaders, and to hear and learn from your practical —and humorous—advice!   Thank you for an outstanding and memorable presentation.”

Georgia Gillette

Senior Vice President, Programs

Points of Light

“Thank you so much for speaking at this morning’s meeting. Our group members were so engaged in your heartfelt, inspirational presentation – I’ve never seen them ask a speaker so many questions!”

-Shayna Gershman, Development Executive | Lawyers Division, UJA-Federation of New York

“Your words provided an eloquent bridge between the events of 9/11 and the healing power of good deeds.  Our employees were touched by your personal strength, and by your commitment to ensure that 9/11 would be a day to remember with hope rather than hatred.  I am certain that our employees set out today on their volunteer missions inspired by a new perspective about the benefits of giving back to their communities.”

- Willard I. Hill, Jr., President, MBIA Foundation Inc.

“Jay is a bridge builder, who deeply respects those who don’t agree with him, and finds a way to bring people around to a common vision. It takes smarts, humility and deep respect, and Jay’s got it all.”

- AnnMaura Connolly, President of Voices for National Service and the Chief Strategy Officer/EVP of City Year, Inc.

“Jay, thanks so much for being part of our screening event last week.  Your remarks were so moving and really helped make our event special.”

- Chris Albert, Vice President Communications and Talent Relations, National Geographic Channel

“Jay, thanks so much for your support of our efforts to inspire students to civic engagement . . . and for joining us for Freshman Day of Service and Convocation!  Your remarks were terrific and inspired our students to serve on Saturday . . . and every day.”

- Amy B. Cohen

Executive Director

Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The George Washington University

“The fact that you have tried to turn something horrific into something more positive is such a gift to the nation.”
– Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

“Your comments were truly inspiring.  The faculty and staff present were very proud, and many of us were talking about a service project . . . that the entire campus can engage in.  The parents and students in attendance were very impressed with your message, success, compassion and commitment you exude.  From an event planning perspective, 'a home run' for certain. You have certainly set the bar high for our next speaker.”

- Karen A. Brown, director of admission, State University of New York at Oneonta

"David and Jay had a very clear vision of what they wanted to do that was very forward-looking, when most people were looking at the here and now.  They wanted to make some good come out of 9/11. I would say they saw the rainbow before everyone else did."

- Terry Sears, executive director, Tuesday's Children

“The New York reception was by far the best of our road show, thanks to your touching and inspiring remarks.”

- Meghan D. Hely Walsh, Esquire, Holland & Knight LLP

“I have known Jay and about his work for over 20 years, so when I asked him to give a talk at RideConnect’s annual Volunteer Recognition Event, I just knew that his words would be inspirational and motivational.  He did not disappoint.  Jay delivers a powerful message, and his authenticity and passionate commitment to being a difference maker is truly inspiring.  Thanks to Jay for all of his efforts in being such a positive influence and motivator for all who are trying to make a difference, one good deed at a time.”
- Karen Ganis, Director, RideConnect

“Of all the groups I got to work with while at the White House, David, Jay, and Fred of MyGoodDeed were by far the most inspiring and rewarding.  Their motivations are authentic and true, their work is really solid, their style of engagement is easy and sophisticated, and they are very smart and talented.”

- Katie Loovis

Director, Corporate Responsibility

Communications and Government Affairs


Former Associate Director, USA Freedom Corps, The White House

Former Director, External Affairs, U.S. Department of Interior


“Your remarks were insightful, poignant, inspirational and extremely well received.  Your initiative brings to mind one of my favorite quotes – ‘You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.’”

- Philip T. Tisi, Office of the Supervisor, Town of Ramapo, NY

“It would be hard to put into words what a great job you did on Friday.  The audience was scholarship nominees who are trying to decide to come here.  For them your speech was superb.  But there were several other ‘audiences’ in the room as well, including department chairs and admission and advisement people.  For them the speech was terrific as well.  These are all the people who toil at many thankless tasks and, while the job does put food on the table, you have to ask yourself pretty often: ‘Does what I do here really matter in any significant way--am I really making a difference doing this?’  Well, your talk really did, in the best way, dignify all they do . . . in a really uplifting way.  I think everyone in that room felt proud to be a part of what is happening here, thanks to your speech.”

- Dr. Arthur F. Dauria, Professor and (former) Chair of the Communications Arts Department,
State University of New York College at Oneonta; author, “Life After Work”

“Mr. Winuk, thank you for your contribution to our first district-wide Tolerance Conference.  Due to your efforts and time, the day was a huge success.  Our students gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be tolerant and the importance of creating a kind and empathetic world.  You enriched this day . . . and were an example of a true upstander.  You made this very memorable event possible.”- Marilyn Hirschfield and Marie Testa, PrincipalsNorth Bellmore Union Free School District

“Thank you on behalf of the World Cares Center team for your part in our film project.  The passion and honesty of your words has left an indelible mark on every person involved in the production of this film . . . you have (contributed to) an oral history of this organization . . . (that) we can hold up as we move forward with our mission of educating and empowering volunteers everywhere.”

- Jesse R. Zeigler

Communications and Culture Manager

World Cares Center



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