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Jay S. Winuk

Co-founder, Executive Vice President, Board Member – MyGoodDeed

President – Winuk Communications, Inc.


Jay S. Winuk is a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and award-winning public relations executive whose journey to overcome personal tragedy to achieve monumental success in the service sector has resulted in millions of acts of kindness throughout the world for people and communities in need.  As a primary force behind the establishment of 9/11 as federally designated “National Day of Service and Remembrance” and its growth into America's largest day of service, Jay, a 9/11 family member, is one of the nation’s leading voices for volunteerism and charitable activity.  His work, commentary and personal story have been featured in major news media reports, documentaries and books throughout the nation and world.  READ MORE

Speaking Topics and Videos

Sample speeches and national interviews

MSNBC interview addressing volunteerism nationwide

Live TV interview at the New York Stock Exchange (2018)

Addressing the nation's largest day of service (2017)

Jay Winuk's leadership role in co-creating and co-building the nation’s largest annual day of charitable engagement has yielded a wide range of valuable, tactical learnings for application by corporations, educators and students, nonprofits, municipalities, associations, faith-based groups, first responders and others.


In a new series of presentations, Jay, whose groundbreaking work in the service sector continues to generate charitable action by tens of millions of people worldwide, shares numerous insights, including:


·  successfully motivating people to be philanthropic and/or volunteer, even those who traditionally aren't or don’t;

·  ideas and tools for marketing and promoting service initiatives and cause-related projects; and,

·  overcoming obstacles and transforming challenging situations and issues into positive action and outcomes.

Jay has delivered dozens of speeches to and participated in expert panels before a wide array of audiences at events and meetings throughout the United States, including:



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